Isaiah Mackenzie Naval Academy



The Isaiah Mackenzie Naval Academy (IMNA) has served the Sword and Grayson for generations. With the move to our new facility at Alvarez Field, just thirty minutes by aircar from Harrington City, Steading of Harrington, we now have the means to train the Steaders of Grayson not only to modern Alliance standards, but to train those same individuals to lead the charge in the technological race against all future enemies using the time honored methods of hands on training and the usage of the best simulators currently available anywhere in known space.

IMNA is split into multiple sub-schools grouped into departments and centers for ease of administration. The campus itself is quite large, using the Grayson tendency to spread out. Most of the campus, including the Captain Mark A. West Memorial Stadium where the Academy’s Baseball team plays, is under a dome built exclusively for the school’s use. Adjacent to the Academy is Alvarez Field itself, where the Grayson Space Navy has a facility and landing field.

The faculty of the Academy are continually working to improve current curriculum and to develop new and exciting courses for the students to take. 

Enlisted Training Center

At the Enlisted Training Center we begin the process of taking a Steader and turning them into the Edge of the Sword. Newly created Spacer’s learn the ins and outs of military life and the basics needed to progress, to survive, and to rise to their Test. As the Spacer progresses in rank, they learn additional skills such as leadership and management. We test their knowledge of military history, Grayson standard knowledge, and practical information needed to perform their jobs.

This Center is further divided into the:

  • Junior Enlisted Training School
  • Senior Enlisted Training School


Officer Training Center 

Here at the Officer Training Center, the Sword’s Edge is turned, folded, and beaten into a stronger, harder, yet more flexible blade. Lessons learned earlier in the Spacer’s career are used as the basis of the change and additional information, knowledge, and skills are hammered in making the finest weapon possible.

 This Center is further divided into the:

  • Warrant Officer Training School
  • Junior Officer Training School
  • Senior Officer Training school


War College

The War College provides the final tempering and polish to an already fine weapon. The arts of tactics and strategy are fitted further becoming the sheath within which the Sword’s Edge rests. By the time an individual completes these final courses in the Career Advancement Curriculum, they will be, without a doubt, the keenest Edge possible, projecting the Sword’s decrees and policies.


 Grayson Technical Specialties Center

The Isaiah Mackenzie Naval Academy’s Grayson Technical Specialties Center trains enlisted personnel for their ratings and officers to lead the divisions and departments in which these ratings work.


 The Sword Training Center

The Sword Training Center handles the nominally non-naval aspects of the Academy. It is here where Armsmen go to hone their skills prior to trying for the position at the various Steadings. It is here, that the Sacristy has placed a small Seminary for the enlightenment of those seeking wisdom in the doctrine and dogma of the Church of Humanity Unchained. And it is here, where the Naval personnel come to learn management and leadership as well as verifying the skills needed to fill those roles the Sword dictates special training for.

While each Steading has its own testing, background checks, and orientation each Armsman must go through, the Sword provides the initial training for those seeking service with a Steadholder. Initially this training was done in Austin City near the Protector’s Palace. However, with the plethora of training aids such as foreign born instructors, the best simulators possible, and the like, the Sword determined it was better to move the school in its entirety to the new Academy at Alvarez Field.




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