Technical Specialties College

The Technical Specialties College is designed to help you learn more about your various ship-board divisions and systems. These courses are recommended for both Enlisted and Officers as they will help you understand your division better. Below is a listing of the courses available for the RMMC Training Command Technical Specialties College. To request one of the following courses please use the course request form found herePlease note that passing any of these exams does not entitle a member to an automatic promotion. Promotions are handled according to requirements laid out in Admiralty Order 1707-01.


Course Name 
Course Code 
Course Pre-requisite 
Basic Armorer  SIA-SRMC-01A SIA-RMMC-0001
Basic Military Police  SIA-SRMC-02A SIA-RMMC-0001
Basic Missile Crew  SIA-SRMC-03A SIA-RMMC-0001
Basic Laser/Graser Crew
Basic Assault Marine  SIA-SRMC-05A SIA-RMMC-0001
Basic Recon Marine  SIA-SRMC-06A SIA-RMMC-0001
Basic Rifleman  SIA-SRMC-07A SIA-RMMC-0001
Basic Heavy Weapons  SIA-SRMC-08A SIA-RMMC-0001
Basic Admin Specialist  SIA-SRMC-09A SIA-RMMC-0001
Basic Embassy Guard  SIA-SRMC-010A SIA-RMMC-0001


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