Royal Manticoran Marine Training Command 




The Royal Manticoran Marine training Command, located at RMMC Camp Maastricht in the Duchy of West Wind, is devoted to the development of the military skills and knowledge, and of the leadership capabilities of members of the RMMC. At present it provides courses in six schools: Enlisted, Warrant Officer, Officer, War College (Flag), Staff Officer, and Specialists; and is developing supporting materials for candidates undertaking these ex- ams. Although it is strongly recommended that each service takes courses and courses from its own branch of the Academy, the RMMC recognizes that it possesses skills which other branches of the Manticoran Armed Services can use and is happy for candidates from other services to take RMMC courses – providing they meet the strict eligibility criteria.


Enlisted Training Center

The Enlisted Training Center is a basic introduction to the Honorverse as well as a basic introduction to the Royal Manticoran Navy: An Honor Harrington Fan Association. The Enlisted Training Center is divided into three sections, Basic Enlisted School, Non-Commissioned Officer School, and Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer School.

  • The Basic Enlisted School is designed to be a true introductory course. All members, upon joining are required to take the E-1 Basic course. This simple course gives you a good introduction to the Honorverse.

  • The Non-Commissioned Officer School is designed to begin your training as a leader and manager. It will introduce, in very broad terms, some basic leadership concepts and management ideas.

  • The Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer School will further your eduaction as a leader and manager.


Technical Specialties College

The Marine Technical Specialties College trains enlisted Marines for their specialty ratings and officers to lead those Marines. The Specialties School includes 10 Specialty Ratings and additional Technical Specialty Qualifications programs: Armorer, Rifleman/Grenadier, Assault Marine, Recon Marine, Heavy Weapons Marine, Marine Police, Embassy Guard, Missile Crew, Laser/Graser Crew, Admin Specialist


Officer Training Center

The Officer Training Center designed to teach leadership, management and tactics.

  • The Warrant Officer School is designed to advance Senior Non-Comms who deserve and have earned the chance for more command responsibility and furthers the leadership advanced by the Non-Comm Section of the Enlisted Academy.

  • The Junior Officer School trains the first three levels of Officer. These courses focus on basic management and leadership. In addition to this, there is a management course which serves as an intro to the next school.

  • The Senior Officer School trains the next three levels of Officer. These courses focus on more advanced management and leadership techniques. In addition there will also be courses on tactics introduced at this level.

  • Staff Officers School - The Staff Officers School is exclusive to the RMMC and is only available to individuals who have passed the qualifying courses and have been nominated by a Colonel or above. This is an extremely difficult set of courses that really challenge an officer’s ability to provide well thought out and reasoned answers to some of the hardest questions faced during operations planning. The Staff Officers School includes Basic, Advanced, and Expert courses for each of three Staff Officer levels Staff Officer, General Staff Officer and Joint Task Force Staff Officer.


Marine War College

The Marine College trains the Flag Officers. These courses focus directly on advanced management, leadership and tactics, and TRMN management.


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