Royal Manticoran Merchant Fleet Academy

 The Merchant Fleet Academy is where we train the men and the women to be ratings and officers in the Manticoran Merchant Marine. We offer a variety of courses for the ratings and officers of the merchant marine, and for those who will work in the merchant marine and the space industry planet side. We teach engineering, astrogation, ship handling, ship administration, space law and other subjects important to running a ship or a shipping company.

Kaylee Jo Lingley School of Spacemanship

The Kaylee Jo Lingley School of Spacemanship courses are designed to familiarize students with the basic history of both the Manticoran merchant marine and the real world merchant marine in general. Individuals with no training start as Apprentice Spacers. Completion of Basic Spacer Training will permit you to take the endorsement courses needed to become an Ordinary Spacer, Wiper, or Steward's Assistant. The schools include:

  • Basic Spacer Training
  • General Endorsement School -these endorsements will be open to both unlicensed and officers of all departments
  • Senior Management School  

Merchant Marine Department Endorsement Courses

Prior to filling a billet in a TRMN merchant ship, one must be qualified for that billet. A person becomes qualified for a billet by gaining the endorsement for that billet on their Merchant Spacer Credential (MSC). Each department has a number of courses that provide the education and course for each endorsement. Basic Spacer Training RMMM-0001 is required before any other endorsement courses may be taken. Completion of all rating courses in a single department is required to take that department's officer courses. These courses are administered by the various colleges of the Merchant Fleet Academy. The colleges are:

  • Catering College
  • Deck College
  • Engineering College
  • Medical College


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