Advanced Tactical Center

Below is a listing of the courses available for the Advanced Tactical Center. To request the following course please use the course request form.

The Saganami Island Advanced Tactical Course (ATC) is designed with the intent of teaching tactics and good commanding officer roleplaying and as such is normally only open anyone who has completed d SIA-RMN-1005 (the RMN Fleet Admiral Exam) and earned the Space Warfare Pin or is serving as the Executive Officer or Commanding Officer of a hyper-capable command (destroyers and larger). 

The standards for ATC are high and students are expected to be the "expert" on their submissions. This course is called "The Crusher" for a reason. 


Course Name Course Code    Course Pre-requisites
Tactical Simulator Course  SIA-RMN-2001    Billet = CO or XO of DD or larger. Completion of SIA-RMN-1005
SITS Tactical Simulator Course SIA-RMN-2001S    Billet = CO or XO of DD or larger. Completion of SIA-RMN-1005




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