Sphinx Forestry Service Courses

Find the right level for you, based on your age, and then choose whichever course you would like to take. There is no specific order in which you have to take exams. Once you have found the correct level of exam for you, you then look at all of the courses offered and chose the one that sounds like the most fun, or interesting.

Level 1 School - ages 5 - 8

   Course Name                                                          Course Code

Reading SIA-SFC-0101         
Communication SIA-SFC-0102
Environmental Studies SIA-SFC-0103
Plant Studies SIA-SFC-0104
Animal Studies SIA-SFC-0105
Human Studies SIA-SFC-0106
Technology SIA-SFC-0107
Transportation SIA-SFC-0108


Level 2 School - ages 9 - 12

   Course Name                                                          Course Code


Environmental Studies SIA-SFC-0201
Military History SIA-SFC-0202
Transportation SIA-SFC-0203
Zoology SIA-SFC-0204


Level 3 School - ages 13 - 16

   Course Name                                                          Course Code

Communication SIA-SFC-0301         
Environmental Studies SIA-SFC-0302
Military SIA-SFC-0303
Reading SIA-SFC-0304
Technology SIA-SFC-0305
Transportation SIA-SFC-0306
Zoology SIA-SFC-0307




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