Organization within RMA (Battlegroups)

Below the Planetary Command levels are the Battlegroups. I (Manticore) Planetary Command (United States), for example, is subdivided into six Battlegroups (Northeastern, Atlantic, Great Lakes, Southeastern, Central, and Western). Other geographic subdivision in the case of international Planetary Commands will be determined as necessary.

Below the Battlegroups are the Regimental Combat Teams (RCTs). RCTs are numbered in relation to the other states in a Battlegroup in alphabetical order. In our example of the Manticore Planetary Command (MPC); Eastern Battlegroup:

  • 1RCT (First Regimental Combat Team) is Connecticut,
  • 2RCT is Massachusetts,
  • 3RCT is Maine, etc.

More descriptive names for the RCTs may be determined by the members and submitted by the Officer Commanding (OC) for approval by the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (ODCSOPS).


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