The Royal Manticoran Marine Corps

The Seal of the Royal Manticoran Marine CorpsThe Royal Manticoran Marine Corps is a subgroup of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. This subgroup is for those people who like the marine aspect of the Honorverse.

The Royal Manticoran Marine Corps is an elite group of men and women who are stationed on one of the many Royal Manticorian Naval vessels that make their way through the galaxy. These men and women serve as ships security, repel boarders, board and capture enemy vessels, and take part in planetary action if the situation calls for it. They are the first ones in when the shooting starts and they are the last ones out and would gladly lay their lives down for Queen and Country.

Since the marines remain on board ship for most of the time, they receive training normally reserved for naval personnel. This means that the marines are experts in zero-g combat and all of them are rated on one or more ships systems. During battle it is not uncommon to see a marine manning a grazer mount or manning a damage control party.  

The Royal Manticoran Marine Corps is administratively divided into Corps, Expeditionary Forces, Regiments, and then smaller units. Below is the current break down of the RMMC.

The Royal Manticoran Marine Corps is divided in to three (3) different Corps. These Corps encompass several geographical regions of the globe.

  • First Corps - London Point, North & South America
  • Second Corps - Europe & Africa
  • Third Corps - Asia & Australia

Expeditionary Forces
TRMN is divided administratively into geographic regions of the globe. In the Royal Manticoran Navy, these are known as “Naval Districts”. In the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps, these are known Expeditionary Forces. Below is the breakdown of the Expeditionary Forces currently in the RMMC.

  • First (1st) Expeditionary Force: DC, MD, NJ, DE, PA, NY, CT, MA, RI, VT, ME, NH, Northern VA*, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I. and Newfoundland
  • Second (2nd) Expeditionary Force: MI, OH, IL, WI, IN, KY, MN and Ontario
  • Third (3rd) Expeditionary Force: Southern VA*, WV, NC, SC, AL, TN, MS, GA, FL, Mexico and the Caribbean
  • Fourth (4th) Expeditionary Force (No units assigned): Correspondence chapters: RMMC members are only appointed to this force by the Commandant with consent of the GSN High Admiral. This is considered detached duty.
  • Fifth (5th) Expeditionary Force: Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, China, Japan, Philippines and Indo-China Peninsula
  • Sixth (6th) Expeditionary Force: LA, TX, AR, OK, MO, KS, IA, NE, SD, ND, and Manitoba
  • Seventh (7th) Expeditionary Force: Europe, The Russian Federation, and South Africa
  • Eighth (8th) Expeditionary Force: AZ, NM, UT, CO, WY, MT, Alberta and Saskatchewan
  • Ninth (9th) Expeditionary Force (No units assigned/Retired): Research and Development (Ad Astra and BuNine Staff Only)
  • Tenth (10th) Expeditionary Force: CA, NV, OR, ID, WA, WI, AK, British Columbia and the Yukon Territory

* The division line between the 1st and 3rd Expeditionary Force in Virginia will be the 38th Parallel.

The next  level in the the RMMC organization are the regiments. In the RMMC regiments are grouping of smaller units within a specific geographical area.

  • First Corps, First Expeditionary Force - "The Manticore Guard Regiment" aka Manticore Guards
  • First Corps, Second Expeditionary Force - "The Gryphon Highlander Regiment" aka Gryphon Highlanders
  • First Corps, Third Expeditionary Force - "The Montanero Regiment"
  • First Corps, Fourth Expeditionary Force - "The New Covenant Regiment"
  • First Corps, Sixth Expeditionary Force - "Tannerman Rifle Regiment" aka Tannerman Rifles
  • First Corps, Eighth Expeditionary Force - "The Medusa Regiment"
  • First Corps, Tenth Expeditionary Force - "The Lynx Regiment"
  • Second Corps, Seventh Expeditionary Force - "The Gregor Regiment"
  • Third Corps, Fifth Expeditionary Force - "Royal Adrianne's Regiment"
  • Fourth Corps, Torch Fleet - "The Amistad Regiment"

These are then further broken down into various expeditionary forces and then even further into smaller and smaller units. For more information please see the following pages;


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