Enlisted Ratings

In The Royal Manticoran Navy the enlisted members have ratings. Ratings are job specialties that describe the field you work in. These can be things like Gunners Mate, Eletronics Technician, Damage Control Technician, Helmsman and many others. The Rating Insignia is worn by all Enlisted personnel. On the Working Uniform it is worn immediately above the stripes or chevrons, and under the rockers if appropriate. For the Undress Uniform, it is worn above the rockers, immediately under the Ship Patch. The ships Bosun wears a unique Rating Inignia in the form of an anchor inside the chevrons and rockers of their uniform.

Note: The ratings badges for Boatswain and Man-at-Arms are not shown because no canon version of those exist. Once they have been created they will be added to this page.

Beam Weapons Technician Beam Weapons Technician
Communications Technician Communications Technician
Corpsman Corpsman
Coxswain Coxswain
Damage Control Technician Damage Control Technician
Data Systems Technician Data System Technician
Disbursing Clerk Dispusring Clerk
Electronics Technician Electronics Technician
Environmental Technician Environmental Technician
Electronic Warfare Technician Electronic Warfare Technician
Fire Control Technician Fire Control Technician
Gravitics Technician Gravitics Technician
Gunners Mate Gunners Mate
Helmsman Helmsman
Hydroponics Technician Hydroponics Technician
Impeller Technician Impeller Technician
Intelligence Specialist Intelligence Specialist
Missile Technician Missile Technician
Navy Counselor Navy Counselor
Operations Specialist Operations Specialist
Personnelman Personnelman
Plotting Specialist Plotting Specialist
Power Technician Power Technician
Sensor Technician Sensor Technician
Ship's Serviceman Ship's Serviceman
Sick Berth Attendant Sick Berth Attendant
Steward Steward
Storekeeper Storekeeper
Tracking Specialist Tracking Technician
Yeoman Yeoman


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