Wall of Peerage

This page will contain the Peerages of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association in Order of Precedence. In the case of marriages, only the Primary is listed unless otherwise requested.

Dukes and Duchesses of the Star Kingdom

New Montana New Arkhangelsk
Grand Duchy of New Montana Duchy of New Arkhangelsk
David Weber
First Grand Duke,
New Montana
Scott Akers
First Grand Duke, 
New Arkhangelsk
New Scania New Ulyanovsk
Duchy of New Scania Duchy of New Ulyanovsk
Martin Lessem
First Duke,
New Scania
Sean Niemeyer
First Duke,
New Ulyanovsk
Karstadt Sea Mountain View
Karstadt Sea mountainview
Robert Jackson
First Duke, 
Karstadt Sea
Robert W. Bulkeley, Jr.
First Duke, 
Mountain View


Earls and Countesses of the Star Kingdom

New Cumbria New Mecklenburg
Earldom of New Cumbria Earldom of New Mecklenburg
Elisa Randall
First Countess, 
New Cumbria
John Roberts
First Earl,
New Mecklenburg
Westmarch Nya Östergötland
Third Earldom of Westmarch
John Neitz
First Earl, 
Brandi Hinson
First Countess, 
Nya Östergötland
Neu Odenwaldkries Boundary Waters  
Earldom of Neu Odenwaldkries Boundary Waters Achievement 01  
James Friedline
First Earl, 
Laura Lochen
First Countess, 
Boundary Waters 
Fontana Flats  
Coming Soon  
Chrissy Killian
First Countess,
Fontana Flats


Barons and Baronesses of the Star Kingdom

Allegheny-Mellon   Cape Fear
Coming Soon   Coming Soon
Tom Pope
First Baron,
  Cindy Epard
First Baroness,
Cape Fear
Cumberland Moor Glencairn
Baron of Cumberland Moor Coming Soon
Peter Gordon
First Baron,
Cumberland Moor
Drew Drentlaw
First Baron,
Havelok Leutzen Vale Mars-Evans
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Stephanie Taylor
First Baroness,
Eric Flint
First Baron,
Leutzen Vale
Daniel Walker
First Baron,
Neu Sachsen New Arlington New Kasserine
Neu Sachsen Coming Soon Coming Soon
Laura Lüschen
First Baroness,
Neu Sachsen
Chris Wueve
First Baron,
New Arlington
Andrew Knipe
First Baron,
New Kasserine
New Mimas New Victoria Nový Prerov
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Timothy Zahn
First Baron,
New Mimas
Justin Grays
First Baron,
New Victoria
Ivo Heger
First Baron,
Nový Prerov
Blacksburg Piedmont Runnymead Fields
Coming Soon Barony of Piedmont Coming Soon
Heather Selbe
First Baroness, 
John Stump
First Baron,
Mark Gutis
First Baron,
Runnymead Fields
Silver Heath Tesseyman White Rose
Barony of Silver Heath Coming Soon Coming Soon
Gena Robbinson
First Baroness, 
Silver Heath
Greg Marchand
First Baron, 
Allison Gahrmann
First Baroness, 
White Rose
Camera Stellata White Lion Bahia Cadiz
Camera Stellata WoP Acheivement 01 Barony of White Lion Coming Soon
 Matthew Parker
First Baron,
Camera Stellata
William Knight
First Baron,
White Lion
Kim Niemeyer
First Baron,
Bahia Cadiz
Miyake Jima New Dover
Coming Soon Coming Soon
  Jill McTavish
First Baroness,
Miyake Jima
 Christa Brolley
First Baroness,
New Dover


Steadholders of Grayson

Steadholder Blackbird Coat of Arms Coming Soon
Kirylyn Dreamer
Steadholder Blackbird
 Tom Saidak
Steadholder Henesy
Pittman Maelstromm
 Steadholder Pittman Coat of Arms  Steadholder Maelstromm Coat of Arms
 Martyn Griffiths
Steadholder Pittman
 David Melsome
Steadholder Maelstromm
Kirylyn Dreamer


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