Ranks for the Imperial Andermani Navy

Below is a complete rank chart for the Imperial Andermani Navy.

Officer Ranks

Pay Grade Rank Sleeve Shoulder Board Collar
Großadmiral der Flotte      
F-4 Admiral      
F-3 Vizeadmiral      
F-2 Konteradmiral      
F-1 Flotillenadmiral      
O-6 Kapitän der Sterne      
O-5 Fregattenkapitän      
O-4 Korvettenkapitän      
O-3 Kapitänleutnant      
O-2 Oberleutnant der Sterne      
O-1 Leutnant der Sterne      
MID Kadett      


Enlisted Ranks

Pay Grade Rate Sleeve
Oberstabsboostmann der Flotte  
E-9 Oberstabsboostmann  
E-8 Stabsboostmann  
E-7 Oberboostmann  
E-6 Bootsmann  
E-5 Obermaat  
E-4 Maat  
E-3 Hauptgefreiter  
E-2 Obergefreiter  
E-1 Gerfreiter  


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