Uniform Items

This page lists various uniform items and where they can be purchased from.

TRMN Uniforms:

RMMC Officers Pants
Website:http://is.gd/pHs9l1 (http://www.qmuniforms.com/)
Item: Elbeco TexTrop 4-Pocket Uniform Trousers
Color: Spruce Green

Website:http://is.gd/HQS4CO (http://www.galls.com/)
Item: LawPro Fine-Line Twill Uniform Trousers Item SKU# TU176
Color: Spruce Green

Mock Turtle Neck Dickies  
Special RMN discount: Put in code "ROYAL 10"
Phone: 1-800-478-4855 (Ask for Mariah if you call.)

Big and Tall Turtle Necks:
King Size Direct (seasonal merchandise): http://is.gd/nl2SYD

Website: http://www.paradestore.com/index.php/armed-forces-berets.html
RMN: Black, White (for starship commanders only)
RMMC: Dark Green/Rifle Green/Forest Green
RMA: Forest Green

Ship Hats (Sonja Wolf Creations):

Silver Sleeve Lace:
The sleeve stripes can be gotten from this vendor (for the silver stripe): (http://www.marlowwhite.com/dress-uniforms/options/d-coat-sleeve-braid.html)
The 1/2" Silver-colored, non-metalic sleeve braid - RMN Ensign

Or the sleeve stripe can be gotten from this vendor (for the silver stripe): (http://www.vanguardmil.com/coast-guard-auxiliary-sleeve-lace-silver-frac12-inch-p-14145.html)
Coast Guard Auxiliary Sleeve Lace: Silver - 1/2 inch - RMN Ensign

Gold Sleeve Lace:
The sleeve stripes can be gotten from this vendor (for the gold stripes): (http://www.marlowwhite.com/58-100.html)

The conversions from their ranks to our ranks are as follows:
ENS - RMN Lieutenant Junior Grade
LT - RMN Lieutenant Senior Grade
LCDR - RMN Lieutenant Commander
CDR - RMN Commander
CAPT - RMN Captain Junior Grade & RMN Captain Senior Grade

For RMN Commodore and up you will need to combine the following kits
LT (Both 1/2 inch stripes sewn together to make a 1 in stripe) and CDR - RMN Commodore
CAPT (Combine the four 1/2 inch stripes into two 1 inch stripes) - RMN Rear Admiral
LT and CAPT (Combine the six 1/2 inch stripes into three 1 inch stripes) - RMN Vice Admiral
CAPT and CAPT (Combine the eight 1/2 inch stripes into four 1 inch stripes) - RMN Admiral & RMN Fleet Admiral
LT and CAPT and CAPT (Combine the ten 1/2 inch stripes into five 1 inch stripes) - RMN Admiral of the Fleet

Shoulder Boards:
This is a vendor for the Shoulder Boards: Eiseman-Ludmar Co., Inc. (www.shopelc.com/)
To place an order call or fax: 516-932-6990/516-932-3304
Do note that they can only do up to Vice Admiral. Please note prices here are subject to change at any time.

Code                  Description
TRMN-MID          Plain Red Shoulder Board    $25.50
TRMN-O1            Red Shoulder Board with one 1/2" Silver Stripe   $26.50
TRMN-O2            Red Shoulder Board with one 1/2" Gold Stripe    $26.50
TRMN-O3            Red Shoulder Board with two 1/2" Gold Stripes    $27.50
TRMN-O4            Red Shoulder Board with one 1/2" Gold Stripe, one 1/4" Gold Stripe and one 1/2" Gold Stripe   $28.50
TRMN-O5            Red Shoulder Board with three 1/2" Gold Stripes   $28.50
TRMN-O6            Red Shoulder Board with four 1/2" Gold Stripes    $29.50
TRMN-F1            Red Shoulder Board with one 1" Gold Stripe and three 1/2" Gold Stripes  $30.50
TRMN-F2            Red Shoulder Board with two 1" Gold Stripes    $29.50
TRMN-F3            Red Shoulder Board with three 1" Gold Stripes   $31.50

Magnum Stealth Boots 6" & 8" (Med to High Price) http://is.gd/Jnha9Z
Sears -Diehard 6" Work Boot Item # 84095 (Med Price) http://is.gd/hjmUDI
Danner Boots 8" (Expensive) http://is.gd/QXHPtr
Quartermater (Low to High Price) http://is.gd/AuK1B4

Name Badge:
Website: http://www.mynamebadges.com/trumpeteur-name-badges
Name on badge: Last name, First Initial. all CAPS
Type:  0.625" x 2.5" MaestroBadge - Durable Metal, 5/8" x 2½"
Font: Optima
Type of Badge: Trumpeteur Frosted
Material Color: FrostBrass
Extra: Name Badge - Super Grip Magnet

Ribbons and other uniform items:

Big Cat Rescue Charity Shirt (Keep Calm and Roll Pods):http://is.gd/yO182M

Polos and other Items:

PT Shirts (Sonja Wolf Creations)


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