Uniform Items

Uniform suppliers for all divisions can be found on the forums (TRMN Membership Required):

TRMN Uniforms:

The suppliers listed were selected because they deliver a product consistent, both in look and quality, with our uniform regulations. 

In most cases the cheapest possible supplier has been identified in an effort to make putting a uniform together as accessible to all as possible. Please contact myself or a RMN member of the Uniform Board if an alternative supplier is found, or a cheaper version of the same product is found, and we will gladly assess the item and modify these links as necessary. If an alternate supplier is found for an item sold by the Bureau of Supply, please contact a Bureau of Supply representative and they will assess the recommendation. 

If there are any questions of concerns please direct questions to one or more of the following, or ask your question on the BuComm Uniform Forums:

1. Senior Master Chief Petty Officer William Lochen - Director, Uniform Board/RMN Enlisted Liaison
2. Admiral of the Fleet Martin Lessem - First Lord of the Admiralty, Royal Manticoran Navy
3. Commodore Chris Thompson - RMN Officer Liaison, Uniform Board
4. Commodore Zachary White - Uniform Board consultant


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