Second Space Lord (BuPlan)


Second Space Lord
Rear Admiral of the Green Diane Bulkeley, KDE, MC, KR, SC, DSO, QBM, CBM
Lady New Essex
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The Second Space Lord is known as BuPlan, or the Bureau of Planning and Administration. This person, for the level of work they do, is awarded the Rank of Admiral of the Red.

The Office of the Second Space Lord is responsible for planning and strategizing The Royal Manticoran Navy's involvement in various conventions. It is our job to help you plan your convention needs, event needs and recruitment needs. We will help you make any of the above a success in various ways. We will also help mold and groom any member into a recruitment machine. If you are shy and or nervous about talking to strangers, we will help you find your voice through training and one on one help. The Second Spacelord and her staff are happy and committed to helping everyone.

If you have a certain program that you do at a event or convention and you would like the "official TRMN" stamp, you would bring your program notes and proposal to the Second Spacelord to review. Anytime you want the Official TRMN stamp of approval for these types of things, you bring it to BuPlan. We are happy to put our stamp on quality programming and events.

We are committed to the success of our members various adventures out in the fandom world.

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