The Second Space Lord's Staff

Below is a listing of The Second Space Lord's Staff and a description of their duties. Below that is a listing of the current positions:
  • Deputy Second Space Lord – At least a Commodore. Responsible for performing the duties of the Second Space Lord in the event he is unavailable, assist in managing the operations of the Office of the Second Space Lord and other duties as assigned.
  • Second Space Lord Chief of Staff - Captain J.G. or above. Responsible for:
      Organization, development and oversight of BuPlan Staff.
      Act as main point of contact between the membership and Second Space Lord
      Oversight of highly prioritized projects.
      Scheduling meetings and planning agendas/taking & distributing minutes as necessary.
      Management of documents and storage for the Bureau of Planning including Staff documentation as well as the BuPlan Repository for recruiting and convention materials to be used by the membership.
      Other duties as determined by the Second Space Lord.
  • Staff Communications Officer - Ensign or above. Responsible for:
      Participates in all BuPlan meetings and online discussions
      Has a clear understanding of the policies and procedures set forth by TRMN with regard to branding.
      Manages Bureau of Planning public Facebook page.
      Answers member questions or involves senior staff to answer questions posted on the page.
      Ensures that members are aware that all new recruiting and convention materials must go through the proper approval channels (and what that process is).
      Sends updates for the BuPlan page at to webservices as directed by senior staff.
      Provides support for Fleet Liaisons by:
        Assisting in the development of new tools for chapter use in recruiting or conventions
        Supervising the dissemination of recruiting materials through BuPlan (posters, flyers, etc)
        Researching, creating or suggesting new ideas for recruiting or conventions.
        Provides information and reports regarding chapter and fleet activity as required or requests by BuPlan senior staff.
  • Command Senior Master Chief Petty Officer for the Office of the Second Space Lord - Senior Master Chief Petty Officer. Responsible for:
      Providing guidance to the Enlisted Members of TRMN on recruiting, and planning recruiting events as either stand alone or at conventions.
      Providing guidance to the Enlisted Members of TRMN on planning convention activities, including, but not limited to, party rooms, bars, pod ceremonies, volunteer stations, etc.
      Assisting in the development of Award Ceremony Protocol.
      Assisting BuComm in developing materials to promote the TRMN Enlisted Corps and its activities.
      Other duties as determined by the Second Space Lord.

Below is a listing of the individuals that hold the above positions:

  • Deputy Second Space Lord: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • BuPlan Chief of Staff: VACANT
  • CSMCPO for the office of the Second Space Lord: SMCPO William Lochen, KSK, OC, KR, KE, SC, NS
  • BuPlan Intelligence Officer: Lieutenant(SG) Ed Cook, KDE, QBM
  • BuPlan Communications Officer: VACANT
  • Director of Marketing: Captain (JG) Paul McPherson
  • Director of War Games: Captain (JG) Don Hackett, KDE, SC, OG, QBM
  • BuSup Liaison: Captain(JG) TJ Allen, OE
  • TRMN Historian: Fregattenkapitain Ekkehard Rolfs, IAN
  • 1st Fleet Agent: Commander Ian Brannan
  • 2nd Fleet Agent: VACANT
  • 3rd Fleet Agent: VACANT
  • 4th Fleet Agent(Americas): Captain David Sanders, GSN
  • 4th Fleet Agent(Europe): SCPO Emil Bojar, OE
  • 5th Fleet Agent: VACANT
  • 6th Fleet Agent: VACANT
  • 7th Fleet Agent: VACANT
  • 8th Fleet Agent: VACANT
  • 9th Fleet Agent: VACANT
  • 10th Fleet Agent(North): VACANT
  • 10th Fleet Agent(South): Lieutenant(JG) Travis Lindquist, CE
  • RMMC Agent: Colonel Robert W.C. Folden, KE, SC, OG, GS, CBM , RMMC 


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