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Ranks of the Royal Manticoran Army

Below is a complete rank chart for the Royal Manticoran Army.

Officer Ranks

Pay Grade Rank Shoulder Board Collar

Marshal of the Army
Field Marshal
F-4 General
F-3  Lieutenant General




Major General
F-1 Brigadier
O-6 Colonel
O-5 Lieutenant Colonel
O-4 Major
O-3 Captain

First Lieutenant

O-1 Second Lieutenant

Warrant Officer Ranks

Pay Grade Rank Sleeve Collar
Master Chief Warrant Officer


Senior Chief Warrant Officer


Chief Warrant Officer


Warrant Officer Second Class


Warrant Officer First Class


Enlisted Ranks

 Pay Grade  Rate  Sleeve
E-12 Sergeant Major of the Army
E-11 Command Sergeant Major

Regimental Sergeant Major
E-9 Sergeant Major
E-8 First Sergeant
E-7 Master Sergeant
E-6 Staff Sergeant
E-5 Platoon Sergeant
E-4 Corporal
E-3 Lance Corporal
E-2  Private 1st Class
E-1 Private