To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, Marine Corps and Army

From: Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Martin A. Lessem, JD, First Lord of the Admiralty, Duke of New Scania

Re: Saganami Island Academy Setup (Admiralty Order 0801-05)


The Following is the curriculum organization for Saganami Island Academy.

  1. Enlisted Academy
    1. Basic Enlisted Courses
      1. E-1 Basic Enlisted Exam
      2. E-4 Basic Non-Comm Exam
    2. Non-Commissioned Officer Courses
      1. E-6 Advanced Non-Comm Exam
      2. E-8 Senior Chief Petty Officer Exam
      3. E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer Exam
      4. E-10 Senior Master Chief Petty Officer Exam
    3. Technical Specialties
  2. Warrant Officer Academy
    1. WO-1 Basic Warrant Exam
    2. CWO Chief Warrant Exam
    3. MCWO Master Chief Warrant Exam
  3. Officers Academy
    1. Field Officers College
      1. O-1 Ensign
      2. O-2 Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
      3. O-3 Lieutenant (Senior Grade)
      4. Intro to Management (Pre-requisite for O-4)
    2. Staff Officers College
      1. O-4 Lieutenant Commander
      2. O-5 Commander
      3. O-6-A Captain (Junior Grade)
      4. Intro to Leadership (Pre-requisite for O-6-A)
      5. Small Group Command
      6. Small Group Tactics
    3. Saganami War College
      1. O-6-B Captain of the List
      2. F-2 Large Fleet Tactics
      3. F-3 Military Administration
      4. F-4 Advanced Leadership and Competency
    4. Saganami Island Tactical Simulator Course

Courses are currently being developed and will very soon be available.


The Enlisted courses focus on the fiction of the Honorverse and the technical ratings, the Warrant Officer courses expand on that and the Officer courses focus on leadership, management and tactics. These courses will be required for promotions and are designed as tests to help advance you through the RMN/RMMC/RMA fictionally and also as an actual leader.


Manuals will follow to supplement the information you can find in the books, on Wikipedia and online. These manuals will contain information from the books, Wikipedia and also other sources.


Issued by:

Admiral Lord Martin A. Lessem, JD

Admiral of the Fleet, Duke of New Scania

First Lord of the Admiralty


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