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Saganami Island Academy

Saganami Island SealIn War: Resolution. In Defeat: Defiance. In Victory: Magnanimity. In Peace: Goodwill.

Welcome to the Saganami Island Academy, the premier training facility for The Royal Manticoran Navy and the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps. We offer a wide variety of courses in several different subjects. Courses are designed around the The Royal Manticoran Navy. The Saganami Island Academy's curriculum has been designed to be offered exclusively to the members of The Royal Manticoran Navy and is free of charge and is available through email. The Saganami Island Academy is constantly working to provide new subjects and areas of study for your enlightenment and entertainment. So be sure to check back often for new courses of study. Currently the Saganami Island Academy offers courses in several different areas;


Enlisted Academy
The Enlisted Academy is a basic introduction to the Honorverse as well as a basic introduction to the Royal Manticoran Navy: An Honor Harrington Fan Association. The Enlisted Academy is divided into three sections, Basic Enlisted, Non-Comm, and Technical Specialties.

  • The Basic Section is designed to be a true introductory course. All members, upon joining are required to take the E-1 Basic course. This simple course gives you a good introduction to the Honorverse.
  • The Non-Comm Section is designed to begin your training as a leader and manager. It will introduce, in very broad terms, some basic leadership concepts and management ideas.
  • The Technical Specialties Section is designed to help you learn more about your various ship-board divisions and systems. For marines these courses will help the marine specialize in Rifleman, Embassy Guard, Assault Marine, etc. These courses are recommended for both Enlisted and Officer’s as they will help you understand your division better, especially for role play, which is partially what the courses will be designed for.


Warrant Officers Program
The Warrant Program is designed to advance Senior Non-Comms who deserve and have earned the chance for more command responsibility and furthers the leadership advanced by the Non-Comm Section of the Enlisted Academy.

Officers Academy
The Officer's Academy is subdivided into Four Schools. These will teach leadership, management and tactics.

  • The Field Officers School trains the first three levels of Officer. These courses focus on basic management and leadership. In addition to this, there is a management course which serves as an intro to the next school.
  • The Staff Officers School trains the next three levels of Officer. These courses focus on more advanced management and leadership techniques. In addition there will also be courses on tactics introduced at this level.

Staff Officers School (RMMC Personnel Only)
The Staff Officers School is exclusive to the RMMC at the moment and is only available to individuals who have passed the qualifying courses and have been nominated by a Colonel or above. This is an extremely hard set of exams which will really stretch your ability to provide a well thought out and reasoned answer to some of the hardest questions faced during operations planning.

Saganami  Island War College
The Saganami War College trains the Flag Officers, including the Captain of the List. These courses focus directly on advances management, leadership and tactics. The Saganami Island Tactical Simulator is the final School in the Officers Academy and is part of the Saganami War College. It is designed with solely the intent of teaching tactics and good RP and as such is open to every Commanding and Executive Officer of Destroyers (DD) and above.