Royal Manticoran Army

Marshal of the Army
Marshal of the Army Matthew Miller, KDE, SC, OG, CGM, QBM

Chief of Staff
Field Marshal Lady Dame Heather Selbe, AC, KSK, KDE, MG
Baroness, Blacksburg

The Royal Manticoran Army (RMA) is the fourth and youngest of the original branches of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official honor Harrington Fan Organization (TRMN). By lore, the Army is the branch of the Royal Manticoran Armed Forces responsible for taking and holding ground on planetary bodies, stabilizing and protecting Manticoran worlds, disaster relief, and peacekeeping operations. The RMA was established and charged with developing the equipment and doctrine to fight a major ground war if required.

In the context of the TRMN, the RMA represents a different way of looking at the Honorverse and, in many ways, is on the cutting edge of the organization simply due to the extreme lack of canon materials produced for it in the series. Until House of Steel made its way to bookstores, there was very little to work with in regard to what the RMA might look like or how it would function within the architecture of the Manticoran military machine. So, for those who have chosen to become members of the junior division of the Manticore-based military divisions within the TRMN, it can be a challenging environment while we define our particular flavor within the club.

In terms of organization, the RMA is the least senior of the four founding branches of the TRMN and also one of the smallest smallest branches. Our members are people from diverse backgrounds who just prefer the junior service of the Star Kingdom of Manticore (SKM) for their Honorverse fan activities. The RMA is organized along traditional military lines, in the same manner as TRMN, however RMA chapters are organized around the ground force in terms of “Forts”, “Bivouacs”, etc. Unlike our navy brethren, where the Ship is considered to be more-or-less an autonomous organization in much the same way as they are in the Honorverse itself, RMA chapters are not units unto themselves and generally work much more closely with their higher commands.

The small size of the RMA has given us a number of advantages, not the least of which has been a certain amount of flexibility with regard to the development of new ideas and systems, such as the current Marksmanship Program, that have often adopted by the organization as a whole. We also allow for smaller enlisted run chapters, so you can be an Army of One (though we recommend bringing a few friends along for fun!) We encourage our members to try new things and test them out within the branch before passing along to the rest of the organization for potential adoption.

We also have lots of leadership opportunities available to those with drive to make a change within the org. Currently the roles of Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff Intelligence, Training and Logistics are all open!

While currently closed, the RMA also has the King Roger I Military Academy with specialties such as Medical, Armor, and Aerospace as well as rank exams up to O-2. We are always seeking passionate exam developers and instructors to bring this school back online!

Come join us and help us grow and develop!