Royal Mantirocan Astro Control Service

Transport Secretary
Transport Secretary Garret Bitker, KCE, MC, KR, OGL, OG, CGM
First Baron, Silver Lake

The Royal Manticoran Astro-Control Service is a uniformed branch of the Royal Manticoran Civilian Government and is charged with controlling traffic in and around the Manticore Wormhole Junctions. Additionally, they are charged with search and rescue within the Manticore system.

Astro Control Services maintains a space station at each of the wormhole junctions, in conjunction with the Royal Manticoran Navy. RMACS is different than other services being civilians and yet uniformed, we get to cosplay and not have to say Sir and Ma’am all the time! We are focused on search and rescue, like the coast guard and traffic control like used at airports. We fly aircraft simulators and even play space based games, come join us!

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